Directors and Management

Farooq Khan

Appointed 18 December 2015; Director since 1 October 2015
Qualifications BJuris, LLB (Western Australia)

Farooq Khan is a qualified lawyer having previously practised principally in the field of corporate law. Mr Khan has extensive experience in the securities industry, capital markets and the executive management of ASX-listed companies. In particular, Mr Khan has guided the establishment and growth of a number of public listed companies in the investment, mining and financial services sector. He has considerable experience in the fields of capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions and investments.

He is a member of the Audit Committee and Remuneration & Nomination Committee.

Mr Khan is Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Queste Communications Ltd (ASX:QUE); Executive Chairman of both Orion Equities Limited (ASX:OEQ) and Bentley Capital Limited (ASX:BEL); Executive Director of Lithium Energy Limited (ASX:LEL) (since 14 January 2021).

William Johnson

Managing Director
Appointed 25 March 2013; Director since 14 July 2006
Qualifications MA (Oxon), MBA

William Johnson holds a Masters Degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University, England and an MBA from Victoria University, New Zealand. His 40-year business career spans multiple industries and countries, with executive/CEO experience in mineral exploration and investment (Australia, Peru, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Oman, North Africa and Indonesia), telecommunications infrastructure investment (New Zealand, India, Thailand and Malaysia) and information technology and Internet ventures (New Zealand, Philippines and Australia).
Mr Johnson is a highly experienced public company director and has considerable depth of experience in corporate governance, business strategy and operations, investment analysis, finance and execution.

Mr Johnson is also currently an Executive Director of Bentley Capital Limited (ASX:BEL) (since Jan 2016; Director since March 2009); Executive Chairman of Lithium Energy Limited (ASX:LEL) (since 14 January 2021).

Victor Ho

Director and Company Secretary

Appointed  Director – 20 January 2014
Company Secretary – 30 September 2015
Qualifications BCom, LLB (Western Australia), CTA

Victor Ho has been in Executive roles with a number of ASX-listed companies across the investments, resources and technology sectors over the past 23+ years. Mr Ho is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and previously had 9 years’ experience in the taxation profession with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and in a specialist tax law firm. Mr Ho has been actively involved in the investment management of listed investment companies (as an Executive Director and/or a member of the Investment Committee), the structuring and execution of a number of corporate, M&A and international joint venture (in South America (Peru, Chile and Argentina), Indonesia and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Oman)) transactions, capital raisings, resources project (debt) financing, spin-outs/demergers and IPO’s/re-listings on ASX and capital management initiatives and has extensive experience in public company administration, corporations’ law, ASIC/ASX compliance and investor/shareholder relations.

Mr Ho is a Secretary of Audit Committee and Remuneration & Nomination Committee.

He is the Executive Director and Company Secretary of Queste Communications Ltd (ASX:QUE) and Orion Equities Limited (ASX:OEQ); the Company Secretary of Bentley Capital Limited (ASX:BEL) (since 5 February 2004) and Lithium Energy Limited (ASX:LEL) (since 14 January 2021).

Matthew Hammond

Non-Executive Director

Appointed 25 September 2009
Qualifications BA Hons (Bristol)

Mr Hammond is currently a key advisor and works for a family office. Between 2011 and 2022), he was the Group Managing Director and CFO of VK Company (formerly Group), a leading European Internet communication and entertainment services group, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Prior to that he was Group Strategist for Metalloinvest Holdings, where he had broad-ranging responsibilities for part of the non-core asset portfolio and advised the Metalloinvest Board on strategic acquisitions and investments. He began his career at Credit Suisse and was Sector Head in Equity Research and in Private Bank Ultra High Net Worth Client Advisory advising on portfolio allocation, strategic M&A and individual investments. As a Technology Analyst at Credit Suisse, he was ranked #1 in the Extell and Institutional Investor surveys 8 times.

He is Chairman of the Remuneration & Nomination Committees and Member of the Audit Committee.

Mr Hammond was a Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of Mail.Ru Group Limited (LSE:MAIL) (Managing Director: April 2011 to March 2022; Director: May 2010 – March 2022 & CFO: June 2013 to March 2022).